Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Baguio Craft Brewery

Its been after 5 years since i returned to Baguio. I have 2 valid reasons; one is because i wanted to bring the kids and let them explore the summer capital after learning that travel time was reduced by half! My 2nd reason and my real agenda is to visit this place which was blogged by my best bud earlier this year and i wanted to see it myself! (see his blog here)

Since it is the holidays and Baguio is crowded, i messaged Chris Ordas from the Craft Beer Association of the Philippines Facebook page that i wanted to visit the place and hoping that he can reserve a seat for me since i wanted to make sure that my plan won't be ruined. Since Chris is out of the country, he tagged his managing partner, Francis Blanco to assist me. I did this not because i want a special treatment but i just don't want to be disappointed and miss my real agenda of drinking craft beer from Baguio.

December 25, coming from San Juan La Union, i made sure that Baguio Craft Brewery is my last stop and a Christmas treat for me and my wife.

We loved the idea that BCB is located along Marcos Highway and not the crowded city proper. I was really so excited that i kept on taking photos while Jenn is the one ordering our brews. It has a breathtaking views of Baguio from their newly opened section which they call " the BierGarden!" Howard did not saw this yet when he visited. 
This is just the perfect place to warm your bodies, drinking a pint of freshly brewed beers with a spectacular view of Baguio!( photo credits to Francis Blanco)

After getting our brews, i looked for Francis and introduced myself. Francis was so accommodating that he gave me a mini tour of the place and introduced me to their master brewer, Arnold Miguel. I was really honored to be able to have a chit chat with them about beer and home brewing despite that both have other guests to entertain.
Exclusive for your eyes only, inside the chilling room. (L-R Francis Blanco, Jenn, BLM, Arnold Miguel)
Brews i drank that night were Hop Attack and Zigzagger. Both were strong beers and are newly concocted brews. This is the beauty of craft beer, you can create your own beer recipe depending on what you feel doing that day plus you can name whatever you want it. I loved the zigzagger more though, the flavor is just bursting all throughout my mouth!
Hop Attack, Imperial IPA, 8.3% ABV 94IBU

Zigzagger, Triple Hopped Double IPA, 10% ABV, 70IBU
From the original 10 beer lineup, they now have 18 beer line ups and according to Arnold, it all really depends on how the market responds and he will just keep on brewing new recipes for the beer lovers. 

The whole experience in Baguio Craft Brewery is just awesome. You should not skip this on your Baguio itinerary, it is a must go to place now! Talking about beer tourism in the Philippines, here it is!

Baguio Craft Brewery
RKC Building, 120 Marcos Highway,
Km 4, Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines
Open Daily starts at 4pm.
Social Media:
@baguiocraftbrewery on IG
@baguiocraftbrew on twitter

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