Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Black Mamba Stout by the Perfect Pint

Home-brewed by the Pefect Pint. 6.5%abv with 43 IBU.  Price at 320pesos /400ml.

Dark in appearance with medium creamy head and a good lacing.

Their tasting notes reads: The roasted barley provides a very clean and precise dark malt flavor.

My take is that it has a good appearance, roasted aroma. Its very clean at first sip and the roasted taste follows but something is lacking at the end. 

I think it lacks a little carbonation, hopiness, the bitterness came from the roasted barley and the alcohol is not there. For a 6.5% abv, it should be kicking by now.

Then again, homebrewing in Manila is at its early stage so there is a lot yet to learn and improve. Kudos to the perfect pint brewing team!

The stout tasted better when i paired it with their caramelized brownie smores for 320 pesos.

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