Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brewfest MNL 2016

Cheers! This was the "bestest" weekend so far specially to beer lovers like us. September 30 to October 2, 2016 was a hoppy and memorable one! After my Brotzeit Oktoberfest blog, its Brewfest MNL's time. My first brewfestMNL experience was last October 2015 at Le Pavillion, they were just a sideshow in a bazaar, 4-6 local craft brewers and the food carts carried the event. They had another one at February 2016 at World Trade Center with 6-8 craft brewers and they had another last July 2016 at Century City Mall, i missed it but i think it was a small gathering. Then boom, last weekend they held it again at Century City Mall and it was a blast. 19 local craft brewers all in one place??? That is awesome x 10! New names popped out: Baler Brewing, The Perfect Pint, The Laughing Carabao and 63 North Brewing. The Manila Mashers Association also joined the event, a group of local home brewing enthusiasts that shares and learns together everything about craft beer and their ingredients. Well-know local brewers include Crazy Carabao, Joe's Brew, Nipa Brew, The Brewery, Juan Brew, Craftpoint Brewing, Great Islands, Pedro Brewcrafters and Cerveza Sagada joined the event. The Bottle Shop carried various brands in The Cebruery, Crows Craft Brewing, Alamat Craft Brew and Palaweno Brewery. I really wish to have all Local Craft brewers in one event, that will be epic. But i am sure, this BrewfestMNL 2016 is one for the books, one of the best i've been to!

There were bands to keep the event lively, delicious food, good crowd and most importantly air-conditioned hall. But i have to admit that not all parts of the hall is cold enough but still far better than a tent. 

I noticed a new beer style was sold in the event like Gose (sour beer), personally not a fan, but it is quite common in San Diego and there is a lot of following there. I also noticed that the flavors of our craft brewers are getting more adventurous, exciting, independent, out of the box, more crazy. After all thats the fun part in craft brewing. Flavors like white mango ale, mango cream ale, spiced pineapple, hunter honey brown ale, puto bumbong, bicol express and halohalo ale. Yes, you read it right. Crazy and interesting! Me i stayed with the IPA, i drank about 6 different IPAs and one beer i remembered the following day because i want it again is Crows De Puta Madre, its really strong and i liked the all around taste of it. Its my first time to try it, i also tried to remember it because it was the most expensive beer that night at 400. Ouch! But its worth it. 
Anyway, for those people who missed it here are my photos below.
Pedro Brewcrafters

Baler and 63 North

The Laughing Carabao

With Allan Baldis of Great Islands

The famous Joe's Brew signage

Nipa Brew

The Brewery at the Palace

Craftpoint Brewing's Marvin Moreno, Howard So, Me and Chip Vega

The Perfect Pint

Juan Brew
BrewfestMNL's famous back drop but its in the front so should i say " front drop"?

Nice Sculpin Shirt!

BrewfestMNL 2016!
To those who are interested to learn craft brewing, sign up with Manila Mashers Association here.

The Force is with us. @BierRanger, @beerloverinmanila, @thebeerpadawan, and Bryan Chug

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