Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Brotzeit 2016 Oktoberfest

Prost! This year's Brotzeit Oktoberfest is so far the biggest since they started. And this year they made a statement by holding its annual event at their newest branch in Shangri-La Hotel Fort Bonifacio. They even made it special by bringing in Sigy's Austrian Kryner to give emphasis to the legendary Bavarian festival. The event was hosted by the dashing Radio DJ Tina Ryan. The 2 -day event starts at 3pm till late.  Of course in our country, events like this wont be complete without raffling of prizes from sponsors like Twinnings Tea, Porsche design and the much anticipated Trip to Germany for 2 by Etihad Airways. It could have been better if i won the trip, but for a ticket price of 1000, you get a free limited edition shirt and 2 food or drink stub worth 400, you really get your money's worth. I was there Friday around 8pm till 12mn. I was able to try the "oktoberfest" brew of both Weihenstephan and Paulaner. Paulaner is one of only 7 brewers that is being sold in this prestigious event in Munich, Germany. Here are some photos.
With Mr. Brotzeit, Malvin Ang, Me and Jennifer

Oktoerfest Brew of Paulaner at 6% ABV

Having fun with Sigy and the Austrian Kryners.

One of the band members was really amazed by how friendly and beautiful Filipinos are. Because we are!
Oktoberfest originated in Munich Germany to celebrate the wedding of King Ludwig I wayback 1810 and made it public festival in 1811. Since then the Oktoberfest became the biggest and longest beer festival in the world to date. Since the namesake is so famous almost every city and country in the world would like to emulate the festival and i firmly believe nobody has the right to own the name except the Bavarian people. Cheers!

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