Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Manila International Beer Fest 2017

I’ve been blogging about beer since 2010 and I have noticed how the scene has changed these past few years. Much of the development can be attributed primarily with the Filipinos’ love for beer. This fascination goes hand in hand with our decades of enjoying our very own San Miguel Beer, our country’s pride and joy when it comes to beer. We always have that brown bottle together with our meals, in our gatherings and even when we’re out partying. Even foreigners have come to enjoy the famous Pale Pilsen which keeps them coming back to our country like any other local attraction.

But like I said, the beer industry has been evolving and as the industry changes, so as the beer drinkers who have been chugging down bottles and bottles of beer consistently. As you go through the menu of your favorite bar or as you gaze into the liquor section at the supermarket, new brands have started to sprout apart from the San Miguel brands that we usually know. You may have noticed this with the different brands that I have featured here, if you have been following my blog. The once elusive European favorites that you have had in your trips back in the day are now visible in most bars in the metro. The Asian counterparts led by the Japanese giants have consistently been coming in and out of the market, trying to make a mark with the connoisseurs. And now even the San Miguel group has introduced their lifestyle brands to keep up with this trend and brought in one of the variants of Kirin. These are just your commercial brands, we haven’t talked about the other side of the spectrum which is ruled by the craft brewers that have touched base with the market as well.

At this point, I guess it’s high time that we enjoy these brands and not think about anything but savoring every bit of taste each beer brand has. I mean, sans the price, the correct pronunciation of the brand or even the alcohol content, WE NEED TO ENJOY these brands!

That is why I’m very happy to announce that and Happy Box Media are coming up with the biggest beer event this 2017 with the Manila International Beer Festival on November 18. To be held at the Metrotent, this one-day event is going to bring in all the big commercial beer brands and craft beers in one roof. The whole concept of just having fun is always connected with beer that’s why this is the perfect event for beer lovers like you and me! Guests can taste and enjoy the different brands and just let loose and drink. There will also be games, raffle and music acts to complete your beer tasting experience for this event so you really need to get everyone you know who loves beer to be here!

I'm also inviting beer distributors, big or small, craft beer association of the Philippines, beer equipment suppliers to join. This is a collective effort to raise beer awareness to Pinoys. Call me for more info or follow us on Facebook (@beerloverinmanila) for updates on this event. Cheers!

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