Thursday, April 30, 2020

7 Lockdown ways to open a bottle!

Hello beer lovers! Its been a while. Time flies and technology keeps on changing, the instant posting and editing of Instagram and Facebook is really convenient and faster, so i'm very active with my IG and Facebook handle @beerloverinmanila. But since we are on lockdown, i now have more time to  blog.

Due to boredom, i came up with a story of a guy having all the beers ready for the ECQ but forgot that his cousin borrowed his bottle opener just before the lockdown. He is desperate to drink his beer stack just like us, so lets help him think of tricks and strategies on how to open his beers the alternative way.

1. Teeth- back in the days, i saw our neighbours doing this with ease. He was popping it for everyone, nice and easy. You just have to put it on the rightmost part or leftmost part of your teeth and create an parallel angle to fit in the crown and make a leverage. Then tighten your jaw grip and push the bottle upwards. This strategy is not for everyone specially those with false teeth. Its unhygienic and cringy to do. I failed doing it though.

Westmalle Dubbel

2. Backset Latch- Just put the crown in between the latch and pull sideways opposing the direction to open the beer. This strategy will waste some beer so its not really recommended but a good alternative if you are desperate.

Westmalle Dubbel

3. Bottle to bottle- i learned this trick back in college. This one i can do with ease and this strategy puts you on the "cool guy" list during your college years. Here's how, you have to hold the target bottle tight with your left thumb exposed, you will use your thumb as leverage. Now place the other bottle's crown just below the target bottle then pop it!

4. Spoon- I learned this after college, working, every night is a drinking night, most of the time at a friend's rented house with incomplete kitchen things. A colleague of mine took a spoon and popped it. To my amazement, i also tried it for my bottle. Its similar to the bottle style, you just have to use your thumb as leverage for popping. It will also depend on your spoon because some cheap spoons bend.

5. Lighter- I learned this when i tried smoking after college maybe. Back in the days, when you drink its automatic that you have to smoke or else you get to sniff all the second hand smoke of your friends. It is also similar to the bottle and spoon. Hold the the bottle tight and expose your thumb as a leverage and put the lighter butt just below the crown and pop it. The lighter should be the plastic one, the cheap ones sold on convenience store, not the Zippo or expensive ones.

6. Table- I learned this together with the lighter era. Same with the teeth, this is kinda difficult and could hurt your hands when you placed it wrongly and sometimes beer also splashes out when shaked. You just have to place the lip of the crown at the edge of the table, then pound the top part with your other hand.
San Miguel Pale Pilsen

7. The Kick- i just discovered this about a month ago and i have been practicing since. With this strategy, you have to use long neck bottles or you won't be able to reach it. If you use a stout bottle, big chance of slipping from your hands. Just put the lip of the crown atop the other bottle's crown, hold both bottles on the neck with one hand using a finger to separate it. Then just hold it down just beside your thigh and kick. Be sure to target the lower bottle. See the video below.
Hopefully we were able to help our fictional guy chug his beers in no time!

So while researching, there are tons of ways to open a beer bottle. Some used a bolo, some even stilettos. But as beer drinkers, it's just cool to know these strategies but we don't want it to happen to us. 


I went all through that even though i have tons of bottle openers for the sake of boredom. If you have other ways to open a beer bottle, please send it in the comment section. Cheers!

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