About Beer Lover in Manila

Beerloverinmanila.com is probably the first beer blogger in the Philippines. Started this page since May 2010 started blogging February 2011. This blog aims to promote beer without any biases. Commercial beer or Craft beers doesn't really matter as long as we enjoy drinking it. This blog also aims to promote #beertourismph, the Philippines has been monopolised by 2 really big local breweries for the longest time in San Miguel Beer Corporation and Asia Brewery. But some time 2012 or 2013, the craft beer revolution began, spear headed by Philippine craft beer guru, Jim Araneta, introducing imported craft beers to the local market through his Global Beer Exchange store in Makati. While local craft beer home brewers just keep on popping out like mushrooms. From Baguio in Luzon to as far as Iligan City in Mindanao, there is a local craft beer company. This is one of the many reasons why its more fun in the Philippines!

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