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This is the page where we can help you locate your favorite imported beers in Manila. For the mean time i can show you the pics and the location.

Imported Beer Locator
Amstel Light- available in Bar Delis
Asahi- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos,
Belgian Pilsner- available in Bar Delis
Bitburger- available in Pivo
Budweiser- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos, Bar Delis
Corona Extra- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos; Chillis Greenhills, Blue Frog, Bar Deli
Chimay-available in Bar Delis, Pivo, SnR supermarket
Duvel- available in Bar Delis,Pivo
Erdinger Beer- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos; Treffpunkt, Cubao.Pivo
Foster's Beer- available in SnR membership store.
Grolsch Swing Top- Available in Duty Free, Subic, Blue Frog, Bar Delis, Pivo
Guiness- available in Pivo, Rustans, Robinsons Supermarket
Heineken-available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos, Blue Frog, Bar Deli, Pivo
Hoegarden- available in Bar Deli, Unimart, Pivo
Holgate Brewery- available in The Bottle Shop, M Cafe, Vask
Konig Ludwig Weissbier- Available at The Distillery, Pivo
Oettinger- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos
Orangeboom- available in Blue Frog, Pivo
Paulaner- available in Brotzeit
Paulaner Salvator- available in Brotzeit
Singha Beer- available in Banana Leaf Restaurant, Rockwell.
Tiger Beer- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos, Banana Leaf Restaurant, Rockwell
Titje Beer- available in The Distillery, Eastwood.
Tsing Tao- available in Rustans Supermarket, il Terrazos, Bar Deli, Fontana Convenience Store

Specialty Stores for Craft Brews:
Gilmore Wines and Spirits in New Manila.
Global Beer Exchange

Beers in Tap Locator
1. Chilli's- SMB Pale
2. TGI Fridays- SMB Pale, SMB Light
3. Shakey's- SMB Pale
4. Bravo Distillery- Czech Style Pilsner Classic, Dark lager, Weizen, Czech Style Pilsner Light
5. Draft Gastropub- Chimay, Hoegaarden, Becks, Stella Artois
6. The Bottle Shop- Katipunan Craft, Holgate
7. Brotzeit- Paulaner and Weihenstephan German beers 

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